ISF Elects New President

October 28, 2013

World Baseball Softball Confederation Executive Board Meets and Holds Forum

CARTAGENA (COL) – The 26th International Softball Federation Congress concluded last week at the Hilton Cartagena, following three days of commission meetings. Delegates from 62 countries were on-hand for meetings covering both on- and off-field activity. A new Board of Directors was elected, as well as elections for the 2013 Hall of Fame class and three world championship sites.

Dale McMann, Canada, was elected as the third ISF President, after Don Porter, United States, announced his retirement from the position. Porter joined the ISF as Secretary General in 1965 before being elected President in 1987. Porter has been instrumental in developing the sport of softball throughout his tenure, including softball’s presence in the Olympic Games from 1996 to 2008.

“It has been a pleasure to serve the international Softball community throughout the past 40 years. Mr. McMann has my full confidence to continue to move Softball in positive directions. As baseball and softball work together through the World Baseball Softball Confederation, the ISF will still be active in the development of the sport and with Mr. McMann’s leadership, Softball will maintain its presence as a team sport welcoming to all athletes around the world,” reflects Don Porter.

McMann comes in with many years of Softball experience, beginning at the national level and then with the ISF. He served as President of Softball British Columbia from 1986 to 1990 before serving as President of Softball Canada from 1990 to 2001. He acted as North American Vice-President of the International Softball Federation from 1993 to 2009 before being elected First Vice-President in 2009.

“It is a tremendous honor to be chosen as the new ISF president from the Softball Congress. I look forward to working with the softball membership and worldwide community. I want to give thanks to Don Porter for his guidance and friendship and I look forward to continuing the vision and pathway of the International Softball Federation in the years to come. I would also like to thank my family for their ongoing support and I share this honor with them. It is a daunting challenge for me to follow Don Porter’s long list of accomplishments,” Dale McMann commented after the commencing of the Congress session.

The newly formed World Baseball Softball Confederation also held an interim Executive Board meeting prior to the start of the ISF Congress discussing on-going arrangements with the new Confederation, as well as the upcoming General Assembly to be held in March of 2014. The WBSC executives, then, held a Forum for all softball delegates for updates on the WBSC.

It should be noted that Porter will continue to serve as co-president of the WBSC with IBAF president, Riccardo Fraccari.

The ISF Congress elected the following Board of Directors, which carries a four year term:
President: Dale McMann (CAN)
Secretary General: Beng Choo Low (MAS)
1st Vice President: Darryl Clout (AUS)
2nd Vice President: Jesus Suniaga (VEN)
Treasurer: Javier Anaya (COL)
Vice Presidents – Africa: Fridah Shiroya (KEN) and Tirelo Mukokomani (BOT)
Vice Presidents – Latin America: Antonio Morales (COL) and Tommy Velazquez (PUR)
Vice President – North America: E.T. Colvin (USA)
Vice President – English Speaking Caribbean: Endy Croes (ARU)
Vice Presidents – Asia: Tan Yin (CHN) and Taeko Utsugi (JPN)
Vice Presidents – Europe: Francesca Fabretto (AUT) and AndrĂ© van Overbeek (NED)
Vice Presidents – Oceania: Rex Capil (NZL) and Bob Steffy (GUM)
Athlete Representatives: Maria Soto (VEN), term ends 2014 and Robert Rosthenhausler (USA), term ends 2016
Members: Beatrice Allen (IOC Member – GAM) and Meliton Sanchez (IOC Member – PAN)
Immediate Past President: Don Porter (USA)

The locations for the next three world championships were also chosen – following the 2009 decision to hold world championships every two years for each respective division.
16th ISF Women’s World Championship (2016) – Surrey, BC, Canada
11th ISF Jr. Men’s World Championship (2016) – Midland, MI, USA
16th ISF Men’s World Championship (2017) – Whitehorse, YK, Canada

The ISF Hall of Fame Commission elected 18 people from 9 countries in five different categories to join the ISF Hall of Fame.
PLAYER: Exiquio Jesus Echarte Leiva (CUB), Oria Wood Knowles (BAH), Luisa Maria Medina Gonzalez (CUB), Mike Piechnik (CAN), Michael White (NZL), Hayley Petrie (AUS) and Brooke Wilkins (AUS);
COACH: Bob Crudgington (AUS), Carlos Caro (PUR), and Eduardo Ramon Sabate (ARG);
UMPIRE: Santos Vazquez Ortiz (PUR);
ADMINISTRATOR: Miguel Acosta Serrano (CUB), Enrique O. Alcarez (ARG), Joseph Chejne Janna (COL), Romell Knowles (BAH), Antonio Morales Arrieta (COL), and R.B. Thomas (USA);
MERITORIOUS: Javier Anaya Lorduy (COL).

The ISF Playing Rule Commission also met with several rule changes being approved and will be in effect for 2014-2017. All approved changes can be found on the ISF website, listed under Rules & Standards.

The next ISF Congress is scheduled to be held in the fall of 2015.